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Myeongnang Strait by Wu-Gene Myeongnang Strait :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 24 1 Apocalyptic Turtle Ship Side Render by Wu-Gene Apocalyptic Turtle Ship Side Render :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 14 5 Hyundai Heavy Industries by Wu-Gene Hyundai Heavy Industries :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 36 2 'Zero' 3D by Wu-Gene 'Zero' 3D :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 60 5 Henschel Tiger Tank Factory by Wu-Gene Henschel Tiger Tank Factory :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 54 6 Allis Kampf Rear by Wu-Gene Allis Kampf Rear :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 2 0 Allis Kampf Side by Wu-Gene Allis Kampf Side :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 4 0 Allis Kampf Front by Wu-Gene Allis Kampf Front :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 4 0 Neon Mech by Wu-Gene Neon Mech :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 59 0 ATF 5270 by Wu-Gene ATF 5270 :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 31 2 Amelia Squirrelhart Turnaround by Wu-Gene Amelia Squirrelhart Turnaround :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 1 0 Amelia Squirrelhart Actions by Wu-Gene Amelia Squirrelhart Actions :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 0 0 Amelia Squirrelhart Emotes by Wu-Gene Amelia Squirrelhart Emotes :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 0 0 Seoyoung 'Acer' Park Emotes by Wu-Gene Seoyoung 'Acer' Park Emotes :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 2 0 Seoyoung 'Acer' Park Actions by Wu-Gene Seoyoung 'Acer' Park Actions :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 5 0 Seoyoung 'Acer' Park Turnaround by Wu-Gene Seoyoung 'Acer' Park Turnaround :iconwu-gene:Wu-Gene 6 0


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Myeongnang Strait
In my previous post, i featured the Apocalyptic version of the Turtle Ship of the Joseon Dynasty (14th-16th Century). Now i wanted to take the next step and feature it in an epic illustration in an Apocalyptic version. 
I chose to illustrate the Battle of Myeongnang Strait (October 26, 1597), because this was the battle that Admiral Yi and his fleet of 13 Turtle ships engaged and defeated an invading fleet of 300 warships. Sinking 33 ships and losing none.
Apocalyptic Turtle Ship Side Render
For a part of my project, I gave myself the task of creating an artistic recreation of the Admiral Yi story of the Joseon Dynasty (14th-16th Century) into an Apocalyptic interpretation. 
This will feature the "Turtle Ship" dreadnought, Admiral Yi's greatest creation 
The following slides goes through the steps on recreating one of history's greatest warships into an apocalyptic version. 
If interested, here is a link featuring the Turtle Ship by the History Channel:…
Hyundai Heavy Industries
Almost everyone is familiar with Hyundai being a car brand, but this company is involved in more ambitious projects. Hyundai is also South Korea's largest ship building industry in Pusan (Busan) and is responsible for constructing the large container transports. Although Hyundai Heavy Industries does not construct combat warships for the Korean Navy, i can imagine that this will become a reality in the near future because of the rising tensions in the Korean peninsula. 

This is my concept of Hyundai's Naval construction yard.

Program Used:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Autodesk Maya
'Zero' 3D
Now that my 3D skills are improving, i wanted to create another character design of mine. The one I've decided to work on was my "Zero" character. For those who are curious as to why her alias is "Zero', it because whoever is target by "Zero" pretty much has zero chance of survival. She gets her job done.

Programs Used:
Autodesk Maya 2015
Adobe Photoshop CC
Pixologic ZBrush

For more info, progress steps,  render shots, and turnaround animation, visit my art station page:…
Been inactive on DeviantArt for awhile but I'm back!
3D has become my main focus of late so you will likely seeing more 3D contents coming your way!
Henschel Tiger Tank Factory
This is a 3D rendered scene of the Henschel (manufacturer) Tiger Tank Factory
Specifically the Tiger Tank has been fully assembled is currently being loaded onto the railroad transport car to be taken out to the front lines. 
We are always used to seeing these tanks either brawling it out on the front lines or destroyed in the battlefield, but i wanted to see these engineering wonders from a different perspective. Felt like the best way to portray the Tiger Tank in a emotional way was to recreate a scene when it is first fully assembled and being taken to the front lines.

more info and step by step progress:…

Program Used:
- Autodesk Maya
- Adobe Photoshop
- CrazyBump
Rendered with:
- Mental Ray
- 1920x1080
Render Time:
- 101 minutes


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Wu-Gene's Profile Picture
Wu-Gene Hong
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello everyone!
I'm a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts (NYC) and my career goal is to work in the video game industry as a conceptual artist/ environment artist/character artist/ etc.
Even though my major at SVA was Cartooning at first, I've made a complete 360 and found that my passion is in the video game arts.

As of now, I will be starting my Masters at the Digipen Institute of Technology to enhance/ improve my skills to the point i can finally achieve my professional career goal


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Happy birthday.
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Thanks man!
Angel-Natavi Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I personally love your armor designs.  They come so close to what I see in my own armor design, that I cannot help but love them.  Practical and slim without many spikes that can get caught on stuff.
Wu-Gene Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for your approval!
I think of the same way. Want my armor designs to be practical, useful, and most important of all, flexible. That implies that the character will be able to move around without much difficulty
Angel-Natavi Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Arianna and Zero are two of your pieces that I like the most.  Mainly, Arianna's armor in the extremities reminds me of the overall type I'd design, had I the same skill.  Zero's appeal to me stems with the detail of the chest plate as well as the belts over the thighs.  The hooded cloak tends to make it all spark in my eye.
SterlingdaswagMaster Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
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Wu-Gene Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
haha thats awesome, everything is going smooth so far :)
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